Dr Sunip Banerjee (born in 29th September, 1963), MBBS, MD, DM (PGI), FSCAI, FSCI, FACC, is the Director of Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata (2012 - till date).

He has distinguished himself in all branches of clinical and Interventional cardiology with a vast amount of patients and interventional cases (more than 1500 coronary angioplasty, more than 100 peripheral angioplasty, 15 renal angioplasty) and always eager to adopt of newer techniques and devices like FFR (more than 50 cases), CRT implantation etc.

He was invited as Faculty/Speaker in several Cardiological Conferences including EuroPCR, NIC workshop, CSI and BIT in recent time and presented some excellent interventional cases including bifurcation stenting, CTO, complex peripheral angioplasty using newer techniques, FFR and Hardware.

Dr. Banerjee has a keen interest in Cardiac Research involving special interest in Interventional Research. He worked as Principal Investigator in DYSIS II (Dyslipidemia in ACS/CHD patients) and Heart Failure Study and waiting for some intriguing publications.

Two more investigations (Various Antiplatelet therapy in ACS patients & impact of different risk factors and co-morbidities on MACE in post-PCI patients) on Interventional Cardiology are going on his supervision at Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata. He is also working as a Principal Supervisor of academic courses (DCLT) at Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences.

Programs & Publications

Events & Programs

  • TCT conference (USA), 2010.
  • API conference.
  • CSI conference (Guwahati, as speaker & faculty).
  • EMCON (National Conference of Emergency Medicine) in November 2011.
  • National Interventional Council conference, Kochi, 2012 as a National Faculty.
  • EURO-PCR 2012, Paris, France.
  • BIT 2012.
  • CSI conference, 2012, New Delhi "Bifurcation stenting involving Distal Left Main & LAD."
  • Arranged Workshop as a Coordinator on AMI, Dec 2012 at Medica Hospital.
  • CSI conference & SAARC Cardiac Congress, New Delhi (Dec, 2012): participated as a Faculty and invited speaker in "Left Main Stenting" Session.
  • Invited as Faculty & Speaker at 3rd BIT (Bangla Interventional Therapeutics) Conference 8-9 February, 2013.
  • Lecture given on Hypertension Colloquium 7th July, 2013 on Clinical Impact of Pulse wave Velocity and Central Aortic BP.
  • Lecture given on FFR entitled "Experience with FFR guided therapy" on 03.08.2013 organized by IMA at Dayananda Hall, Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan, Kolkata.
  • Participated in European Society of Cardiology held at Amsterdam, Netherland, 31st August to 4th September, 2013.
  • Invited Lecture given on "Difficult to treat Hypertension (Elderly, Diabetes, CKD, Resistant hypertension)" on 22.09.2013 at Kolkata.
  • Invited as Faculty in CAD (Asia Intervention Summit 2013). Workshop held on 29-30 September, 2013 at Mumbai, India.
  • Invited as Faculty in NEW (National Endovascular Workshop) 2013 5-6 October, 2013 held at Ahmedabad, India.
  • Presented "The rarest of rare cases" at NIT workshop organized by CSI-India on 7th December, Bangalore, India.
  • Invited as faculty speaker at BIT (7-8th Feb, 2014) on Bio-vascular Scaffold Stent.
  • Invited for Case presentation (Cases on DK Crush & Balloon anchoring technique) and as a Faculty at NIC Kochi 2014 (25-27th April, 2014).
  • Invited for Presentation on "Intervention in High Risk Group (CKD & Elderly) in real scenario" (1st May, 2014).
  • Invited for Case presentation on Double kissing double crush technique at EuroPCR 2014 at Paris on 20-23 May, 2014.
  • Arranged workshop on retrograde CTO negotiation on 6-7th June, 2014.
  • Invited to lecture on EIICON as Faculty on Fractional Flow Reserve. Presented two difficult cases on DK Crush and CTO (28 - 29 June, 2014).
  • Staff development program for Lecturer at Zoology Dept., University of Calcutta.
  • Commando Hospital, Kolkata.
  • API conference at Siliguri on "Stem cell therapy on failing heart".
  • CSI conference on "Antiplatelet therapy after PCI".
  • API conference on "Common drug interaction in cardiology prescription".

Publications & Trials

  • Article on Profile of CAD in Bengali population.
  • Review paper on Coronary artery dissection (published).
  • Case report on Non-compaction cardio-myopathy.
  • Contribute to a Chapter entitled, "Common drug interaction in cardiology prescription" as sole author, will be published by API. (published)
  • Case report on Transradial abnormality cases.
  • Original article on "Comparison of determinant factors of restenosis in proximal and non-proximal LAD Stenting". (Manuscript in preparation)
  • Contribute to a Chapter entitled, "Newer advancement in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy" as sole author, published by API.
  • Outcome of PCI patients under different parameters (from 2003-till date).
  • International Heart Failure Registry (2011-2016).
  • Efficacy of CONCOR on ischemic patients (18 months or endpoint).
  • Analysis of various risk factors in CAD & MI among Bengali population (2010-till date).
  • Efficacy of Tredaptive on dyslipidemic patients.
  • Effect of Losartan in depletion of uric acid level.
  • DYSIS II (Dylipidemia International Study) 2013.
  • Other one trial on Hypertension in pipeline.

Sponsored Programs

  • Participated as Speaker in program organized by Boston Scientific (Jan 18, 2014).
  • Participated as Speaker in Program organized by Zydus Cadila HealthCare (Jan 23, 2014).
  • Participated as Speaker in Program organized by Calcutta Metropolitan Corporation (Jan 29, 2014).
  • Participated as Speaker at Cardiac Care Forum organized by GE HealthCare (3rd March, 2014).
  • Participated as Speaker at Program organized by AstraZeneca (12th April, 2014).
  • Participated in Health Talk as Speaker on Heart attack (30th May, 2014).

Patient Stories

Mr. D. Sarkar was a regular smoker, and was habituated to use cycle as a local transport. In 1997, he started feeling chest pain and fatigue, while cycling. He stopped it, and then went to Doctor for consultation. He was given some Diagnostic Test, where he was found to have a Blockage in one of his arteries. He was recommended CABG. Mr. Sarkar went to CMC, Vellore to do his CABG. After that, with regular medicines, he was doing quite well.

In 2010, he again started feeling the same problem. He underwent different tests again, and was suggested Angiogram. There it was seen that two of the other Arteries were fully blocked, with one of them having 90% blockage. Angioplasty was done under Dr. Sunip Banerjee.

In today`s date Mr. Sarkar is doing perfectly fine, and leading a peaceful life.

Mr. D. Sarkar

Male, 68 Years
(Name Changed)

Mrs. L. Khatoon. was a housewife who had blood sugar for around two years. Gradually, a complication arose. When after sitting or lying down for some time, she would rise suddenly, a period of dizziness would occur - followed by a bout of unconsciousness. During such attacks, her BP would not register, except in her legs. She also suffered from dizziness due to severe mental anxiety.

She approached Dr. Sunip with her problems and was suggested Angioplasty by the doctor. She undertook the procedure and after following Dr. Sunip's suggested healthy way of living, she recovered fully and is leading a happy and normal life.

Mrs. L. Khatoon

Female, 50 Years approx
(Name Changed)

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